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PDO Thread Lift Training for Physicians, Nurses, Dentist and Other Healthcare Professionals

One of the most recent trends in Aesthetics is offering PDO thread lifts for patients who are suffering from mild skin laxity or wish to redefine facial features. Empire Medical offers a 1-Day hands-on Thread Lift Training I workshop that will prepare you to offer these new exciting procedures in an office setting. Thread Lifts have been referred to by many different terms such as “lunch-time facelift”, but are essentially placing PDO thread lift sutures across various facial features to either volumize, lift or create collagen to eliminate contrasting facial features.

Learn to create dramatic results with PDO threads using barbed and specialty sutures for both face and body. Barbed PDO sutures allow for you to create additional lifting of skin laxity in a number of facial areas (i.e., cheeks, neck) and across the body (i.e., knees, arms, and abdomen). PDO Barbed Threads pull back the skin at varying dermal planes that creates tautness and lift for areas that cannot be treated effectively with just injectables or smooth thread sutures. The effects of the treatment are seen immediately by patients and the results are semi-permanent lasting up to (18) months. The barbed thread procedure takes approximately (20-30) minutes and provides for an even larger professional fee (>$900) for physicians and even higher satisfaction among patients.

Polydioxanone smooth (PDO) thread sutures are also fully absorbable and can create a correction for an array of facial indications that are long-lasting in duration. These non-surgical, minimally invasive sutures are placed with little or no discomfort to the patient and can also be used in the neck and other body part problem areas. Patients will see immediate results and the results keep improving for 3-4 months after the procedure as collagen increases. The smooth PDO procedure takes approximately (10-15) minutes and provides for a large professional fee as well (>$600) for physicians who are now able to offer even more aesthetic options to patients who may wish for more dramatic results besides injectables. 

Empire Medical Training pioneered and is a recognized leader for PDO Thread Lift Training and is a full-time, private education institute specializing in Aesthetic, Regenerative, Medical, and Interventional Pain Management Training for the past 23 years. Our CME (AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM) Accredited PDO Thread Lift Training Workshop prepares all attendees in the safe administration and placement of the PDO thread lift sutures for facial and submental applications. Thread Lift procedures immediately create significant income within your practice as well as allow you to differentiate your aesthetic practice from others. 

Empire’s 1-Day “hands-on” PDO Thread Lift Training will prepare you to safely administer PDO thread sutures for the most common aesthetic indications for patients. The course will be taught by Empire’s faculty of board-certified physicians where you will receive the latest protocols, the standard of care considerations, best practices, and up-to-date information for administering these therapies. Learn the product characteristics of PDO sutures, mechanism of action, relative and absolute contraindications, managing adverse events, and injection pearls from physician specialists that perform these lucrative procedures as part of their own practices. The hands-on training in the afternoon allows attendees to utilize PDO Thread sutures on live patients for aesthetic indications to ensure you feel completely comfortable in the learned procedure. 

Empire Medical Training utilizes a unique, proprietary method for teaching, Empire utilizes low teacher-to-patient ratios for the hands-on portion of the program allowing more personalized training during the afternoon sessions with patients. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to all attendees who successfully complete the program and exhibit proficiency during the hands-on portion of the program. Attendees will also receive access to full-color manuals, procedural videos, intake forms, treatment forms, and informed consents for attendees to immediately integrate these new procedures immediately after completion of the training. Enjoy the additional benefits that PDO Thread Lift procedures offer while enhancing aesthetic patient care and realizing incremental revenue for years to come.

Event Organized by:
Empire Medical Training

Date: Sep 17 2023 - 8:30am - 6:00pm

Venue: East Rutherford, NJ Hotel TBD

Address: - East Rutherford, NJ

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If you are considering becoming a Botox clinician you will want the best Botox training available today, training that gives you a full understanding of the product and how to administer it safely with outstanding results for your clients every time. Aesthetic Education, promotes Botox Courses that are at the leading edge of training in aesthetics procedures with the best qualification for doctors, nurses and dentists, courses that are superior in meeting the guidelines which all practitioners must adhere to. The depth of learning and hands-on practice will equip you and your teams with the knowledge and experience you need to be fully regulated and confident to deliver safe and outstanding services at your practice.

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